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This will be the 16th Berge & Dale Championship. Proud to be a part of a great team that makes this happen.

Road Race

Distance: 107km; 59km

Start Time: 06:00 (107km); 07:30 (60.5km)

Entry Fee: R395 (107km); R265 (60.5km)


Bestmed Berge en Dale Championship – 24 February 2018

The 2018 Berge en Dale Road Championship, presented by Optimum Financial Services, is a premier seeding event for the Cape Town Cycle Tour, presenting distance options over 107km and 59km.

The event kicks off from the Cradlestone Mall in the West Rand on 24 February 2018.

The state-of-the-art Cradlestone Shopping Mall on the R28 provides a user-friendly experience with ample parking and lots to do once the race finishes.

The event attracted 4500 cyclists in the 2017 edition and venue and route remain unchanged.

Race Office: Call 076 621 1807 or email eventsupport@asgworld.co.za




Route map for 59km


Route map for 107km


Route Profile for 107km

General Information

Parking and traffic arrangements:

There is plenty of safe parking in the parking lots at Cradlestone Mall, and entrance via the main gates will be free to cyclists between 04:30 and 07:00.

Cyclists will be directed to the undercover parking lot. If your bike is on your vehicle's roof, please don't go there!

The final water point is in the parking lot at the Cradlestone Mall. No vehicle will be allowed to park in the area around the finish line on the N14 because it will create a risk for cyclists and other road users.

Please allow enough time for parking and give your full cooperation to the people regulating parking at the venue.

Number Collections:

Thursday 22 February: Cycle Lab Fourways 10h00 – 17h00

Friday 23 February: Cradestone Mall 10h00 – 17h00

Rider can send a representative to collect their numbers and race packs


The provisional results will be available within 24 hours on the website: www.racetec.co.za.  Objections must be lodged with the race organiser, referee or CSA officials within 1 hour after the finish of the race, and must be accompanied by a payment of R100. Further changes to the results must be sent to queries@racetec.co.za no later than 7 days after the race. No changes will be made thereafter, as they cannot be included in the National Seeding Index.

Late entries

Late line entries will only be accepted at the registration venues as indicated; not on the day of the race.

Important note: A penalty of R60 will be applicable for all distances for mountain-bike as well as road events.

No seeding for late entries. Riders who enter late will start in the non-seeded groups


Each rider must complete a separate entry form or enter as required. Please fill in your tandem partner’s name and ID. Both tandem riders must wear Race Tec timing chips to obtain a result and seeding for the event.


Timing will be done by Race Tec. All participants must be in the possession of a Race Tec timing chip to be timed and must carry the chip for the duration of the event. No chip, no result, no prize money.

Race Tec timing chips will be for sale at the registration venues as well as at the start.
They cost R150 each.

Accidents and medical support

Courtesy of Helivac Event Medical Specialists, ambulances and paramedics will be available in case riders need to be treated or transported.

It is extremely important that every cyclist’s full details (name, medical aid, number, allergies, emergency contact numbers etc) are correctly filled in on the entry form and on the race number on the back of their shirt and that every cyclist can be correctly identified by his or her race number.

Participants must have a means of identification, with medical details, on them to ensure that the emergency personnel have all the necessary information available should an ambulance have to pick them up.

Starting Times

Cyclists must attach their race numbers to their lower back. They must be in their starting blocks 15 minutes before their starting time to hear all the announcements and information about the route and road conditions. Please heed the signs indicating the various starting groups, and stay in the correct starting block

Berge en Dale 2018 Number Ranges & Start Times

107km (White)

Prefix Start No End No Buffer Start Start Time Category
1 150 56 06h00      CSA Lic Elite & U23 Men (Born '88 - '94)
151 200 176 06h00     CSA Lic Junior Men (Born '99 & '00)
VA 201 350 255 06h05      CSA Lic Vet Men 30+
VB 351 500 452 06h10     CSA Lic Vet Men 40+
VC 501 650 588 06h15      CSA Lic Vet Men 50+
651 730 677 06h20 CSA Lic Elite Ladies (Born '88 - '98)
TB 731 780 677 06h30      Tandem
TL 731 780 744 06h30      Tandem
AL 781 830 744 06h35      Open/Seeded
BL 831 1030 806 06h39      Open/Seeded
CL 1031 1230 982 06h43      Open/Seeded
DL 1231 1430 1182 06h47      Open/Seeded
EL 1431 1630 1382 06h51      Open/Seeded
FL 1631 1830 1582 06h55 Open/Seeded
GL 1831 2080 1782 06h59 Open/Seeded
HL 2081 2430 1937 07h03 Open/Seeded
IL 2431 2830 Open 07h07 Open/Seeded
59km (Blue)
Prefix Start No End No Buffer Start Start Time Category
 + 2831 2880 2838 07h35      CSA Lic U16s, U14s
TB 2881 2930 2887 07h40   Tandem
TM 2881 2930 2887 07h40   Tandem
AM 2931 3180 3132 07h43  Open/Seeded
BM 3181 3430 3314 07h46 Open/Seeded
CM 3431 3680 Open 07h49      Open/Seeded
DM 3681 3930 Open 07h52 Open/Seeded


Water points along the route

  • No 1 – At 10 km (shortly after the right turn out of Robert Broom)

  • No 2 – At 32.5 km (right turn access road between Magalies and Krugersdorp)

  • No 3 – At 50 km (2 km before Maropeng, two thirds up the climb)

  • No 4 – At 70 km (at the Rhino and Lion Park)

  • No 5 – At 90 km (Beyers Naude/N14 junction)

Prize giving and lucky draws

The prize-giving ceremony will begin on the lower level in front of Woolworths at Cradlestone Mall at 11:00. There are cash prizes for the professional riders, and many prizes for participants attending the ceremony. Please follow the directions to the area to be used for the prize giving.




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